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Current Patient Update

A note to our patients:


Dear Patients,


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and a recent uptick in active cases in the state of Maine, we are implementing a new policy for the office.

“Virtual Waiting Room”-

  We are asking our patients to text us and identify themselves and their appointment time to 207-756-3461 when they arrive at the office and before they enter the building.

Our staff will text you back and let you know when your dentist or hygienist is available to have you in and you can proceed more directly to the treatment room.

   Please come in unescorted when possible and be sure to wear a face covering. You will be asked a series of health screening questions and a temperature taken as you come in.

 If you lack the ability to text, please call us at 207-772-5244 when you arrive.


This is being done to further strengthen social distancing whenever possible.

 Patients will have a temperature taken, be given a brief health Screening and be given a pre-treatment antiseptic rinse to use. 

Our office has invested in several Air purification systems to improve air quality and help mitigate risk of aerosols. These include the Use of air filtration using HEPA, Carbon, and UV-c disinfection systems. These steps are being done to further enhance and protect

your health.

 Maine Vaccination efforts update:

We are receiving questions from patients about COVID-19 vaccinations.
We did want to assure our patients that we have worked with our state association and the Maine CDC to access timely vaccinations for our staff to provide our patients with the safest environment possible.
Information on the state's Vaccination program as it relates to phases and rationale of protecting those at risk and to prevent COVID spread can be found at the Maine COVID site which has an excellent
FAQ page to act as a resource for the public to learn about when, where and how and to obtain a vaccine for all those desiring one as soon as is feasible and appropriate.


The doctors and staff at Palmer & Krause Dental