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What is the Perio Protect Method™?

The Perio Protect Method™ is a comprehensive treatment approach to help manage oral bacteria (biofilms) associated with
periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis). The basic idea behind the Method is to change the microbiological environment of the diseased area for better management of the biofilm responsible for initiating the disease.

Dentists using the Perio Protect Method™ must determine an individualized treatment plan for each patient, and, based on patient conditions, the Perio Protect methodology incorporates mechanical debridement (e.g. scaling and root planing) and/or laser assisted removal of biofilms with patient delivery of prescribed medication into the gingival sulcus or periodontal pocket via a prescription dental tray designed to effect such delivery. The chemical therapy to dissolve bacterial communities and cleanse oral wounds can be administered by patients between office visits with a non-invasive prescription tray. Many doctors prescribe medication first to help dissolve the bacteria and cleanse oral wounds and thus help reduce the scope of invasive procedures which risk introducing bacteria into the blood stream. If surgical treatments are necessary, they are incorporated into the treatment plan. However, the goal is to help patients avoid surgery or repetitive invasive procedures whenever possible.



What does research tell us about the Perio Protect Method™?

Since the Perio Protect Method™ was introduced to the public in 2005, peer-reviewed articles, case studies and research abstracts have appeared in professional journals. Scientific posters have also been presented at professional dental research meetings. The research shows that placing antibiofilm agents with oxidative/oxygenating properties into the pockets via a custom-formed prescription dental tray reduces bacterial populations, decreases bleeding on probing, decreases C-Reactive Protein levels (a known marker of inflammation), and results in decreased periodontal pocket depths.


How much does the Perio Protect Method™ cost?

Because the Perio Protect Method™ is a comprehensive approach that may involve several different therapies, the cost will depend on individual patient needs. Please speak with your dentist about your specific condition and options.

Perio Protect, LLC is a company working to promote knowledge, understanding and treatments for oral biofilms responsible for periodontal infections causing gingivitis and periodontitis. Perio Protect, LLC fulfills these purposes by sponsoring continuing education programs for the dental profession and research on integrated approaches for oral biofilm management.