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Digital Dental X-Rays


At Palmer and Krause DDS we take digital x-rays. With the use of digital x-rays, we have the capability to view your x-rays on the computer screen in the dental treatment room soon after the x-rays are taken.



There are several advantages to digital x-rays:

  • They’re safer. Digital x-rays are exposed with a fraction of the radiation exposure as conventional x-rays. We have been able to reduce X-ray exposure by as much as 90% for most cases compared to previous X-ray techniques.
  • They’re faster. X-rays taken digitally can be viewed sooner than conventional x-rays.
  • They're easier to process, eliminating the need for developers and fixers, the chemicals needed to develop traditional X-ray films. This is easier on the environment since digital imaging eliminates the problems associated with the disposal of these potentially dangerous products.
  • They’re easier to read. The patient can be shown features on the digital x-rays better than with conventional films, because the image is much larger and can be viewed by the patient while they sit in the dental chair.
  • They’re portable. Digital x-rays can be sent by e-mail to dental referral offices and your insurance company for pre-approval of a procedure, if your dental insurance company supports this technology.